Baby it’s cold outside! The outdoor winter wedding at ThorpeWood of Carmen and Chris

Winter Wedding Photography at ThorpeWood

Carmen loves cold weather! She just does. When we first met, she and Chris described their ideal outdoor winter wedding  at ThorpeWood  It would include furry boots and a lined cape, mittens and gloves as guest favors, matching necklace and earrings in the shape of snow flakes, a stupendous cake made by the bride herself, who is a professional baker. But most of all, she wanted there to be snow. Just enough snow to make the landscape sugar-coated white, but not too much to disrupt their big day.

We took their engagement images on the frozen outdoor skate rink in downtown Rockville. Carmen is a long time skater and glided around the rink like a pro. Chris did really well, but had his fair share of falls, which erupted in laughter for both of them as Carmen pulled him up from the ice.

Wedding Carmen and Chris 15The big day arrived and like a wish come true, a light snow had covered the grounds from the night before. Beautiful! But mother nature was not following the plan entirely! The temperature, with the wind chill was 2 degrees!! The creative couple provided all they could for their guests, including hand warmers, hot chocolate and cider, and barrels of burning wood over which guests and bridal party members warmed their hands and bodies. Guests came wrapped in blankets, heavy jackets and furry hats with a spirit of adventure. And although is was bone-chilling cold, I heard not one complaint from anyone. It was definitely a wedding that no one would ever forget.

Just before Carmen and her father started their walk down the pine covered pathway, Chris said he knew it might be rough outside in January, but he also knew that it was Carmen’s dream. And as he shivered in his black tails, his smile couldn’t have been any broader as he watched his bride come to his side. I knew this  man who would do anything to make his future wife’s dream come true on a day like this, truly loved her.

And as Carmen looked warmly back at him, I knew they would have a love to last. Congratulations Carmen and Chris!

Venue: Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood



Renaissance Chef Catering Company

Cake Artist

Carmen Reyes – Guatebakery


Shew-sical Entertainment

 Hair and Makeup Artist

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ashley Chin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Winter Wedding at ThorpeWood ofCarmen and Chris 1

The winter themed wedding at ThorpeWood included snowflake table numbers, mittens, hot chocolate mix and marshmallows for guests. The bride wore fur lined boots as the groom wore a snowflake boutonniere.

Groomsmen and groom warm their hands over a fire as bridesmaids huddle together in their fur-lined capes made by the bride’s sister. Bride Carmen beams on the arm of the father as she looks at Chris, her soon to be husband.

Wedding Carmen and Chris 4

The wedding location, The Pine Cathedral at ThorpeWood.


Outdoor Winter Wedding at ThorpeWood

Although the sun was setting, the wind was blowing and it was only 2 degrees, Carmen and Chris smiled anyway during their outdoor winter wedding at ThorpeWood. Carmen’s wish was that it would snow on their wedding day. Because it did not, I added snow to this one image to make a wedding day wish come true

Winter Wedding outdoors

Carmen, looking like a fairy tale princess, braved the cold to get some images without her cape on during her outdoor winter wedding at ThorpeWood

Wedding Carmen and Chris 10

One of the couple’s favorite spots on the grounds of ThorpeWood, gave them a beautiful, rustic background, and sheltered them from the cold wind for a few minutes.

Wedding Carmen and Chris 11

All of the couples unique themed touches made the ThorpeWood lodge a wintery yet cozy reception.

Wedding Carmen and Chris 12

Wedding Carmen and Chris 13

Wedding Carmen and Chris 14

A beautiful wedding band, complete with tiny snow flakes engraved on it’s surface. So original and completely Carmen!