Big Cork Vineyards and the Surprise Engagement of Katie

Big Cork Winery Engagement Pictures

It must have been burning a hole in his pocket. The ring that Michael was waiting to place on the hand of his love, Katie. He had been planning this surprise engagement to Katie for … I don’t know how long. But I was brought in on it about 4 weeks before it happened to capture all the smiles and tears and most of all, the surprise!

The place, Big Cork Vineyards, Rohrersville, Md, the date, May 3rd, an extremely beautiful day, and the time? Exactly 4 p.m.

With welcoming permission given earlier to Michael from the folks at Big Cork, we met the week before the engagement to plan out the scenario. Where would he propose? Where would they sit and enjoy a glass of wine beforehand, so that Katie suspected nothing? And maybe most important for me, how it would be photographed. Michael had the unique idea to have it photographed in such a way that he could create a flipbook of the images. I haven’t seen a flipbook since I was a kid. But I recall with fondness holding one, looking over the pages so that still images became filmstrip of movement. How cool was this going to be?

Half an hour before their arrival, Kim, my assistant and I arrived so that we would be in place, cameras hidden by patio furniture pillows, we waited. And then it all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye, to the cheers of wine lovers relaxing on the patio, they watched the most spectacular view of the start of something beautiful. Many thanks to Big Cork for their hospitality.

With precisely a half hour before they moved on to dinner with family, we walked around the gorgeous grounds of Big Cork, capturing the love between them, and their first moments on the path to marriage.

Thank you to Michael for inviting me. I have photographed many weddings, but I have never witnessed or documented and actual engagement, the beginning of a lifetime together. What a privilege and honor to be there. Congratulations and best wishes to Katie and Michael for a lifetime of happy surprises.  xxoo

Winery Wedding Photography

Michael and Katie get engaged at Big Cork vineyards, Rohrersville, Md.

Their first photos as an engaged couple of the beautiful grounds of Big Cork Winery.

Their first photos as an engaged couple of the beautiful grounds of Big Cork Vineyards.


Michael and Katie engagement 3



Michael and Katie engagement 5

Many thanks to Big Cork Winery for hosting the engagement and the photo session. They couldn't have been at more beautiful venue.

Many thanks to Big Cork Vineyards for hosting the engagement and the photo session. They couldn’t have been at more beautiful venue.

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