Bridal Showcase in Frederick

The 2012 Bridal Showcase is this weekend, November 2012 from 12-3 at the Frederick Fairgrounds!

With what I’m sure will be the last few hours of power I have for a while, I wanted to invite anyone who is planning their wedding to attend. It is hosted by the Frederick Area Bridal Network and the Frederick News Post. I am a member of FabNet (Frederick Area Bridal Network) and look forward to this show all year! There are fabulous vendors there for you to meet, many, many of which I have worked with, so I really do know that they are fabulous.

And, of course, I will be there too and will be happy to meet you! I will be bringing albums, gallery wraps and prints and will answer any questions you may have about working with me, wedding photography or anything else you’d like to chat about.

Or you can just stop by, say hi! enter your name in a drawing for a free engagement session and help me with my “What is Love” project! I started it last year and had a lot of fun hearing the varied answers. That’s me on the first slide. I’m thinking I had much cuter hair last year!

I’m also super excited to have my photographs of Jamie and Brian’s wedding included in the Wedding Planner magazine created by the Frederick News Post.

Jamie’s gorgeous bouquet created by To the 9’s florist, is on the cover! And photos from their fabulous wedding at Stone Manor Country Club are among the real weddings featured inside.

Jamie and Brian Carr's wedding featured in the FNP Wedding Planner.

So, come on out and meet me and the other professionals at the Bridal Showcase.

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