H0T AND HUMID? How to get amazing engagement images no matter how hot the weather!

HEAT AND HUMIDITY? No problem.Here are just a few tips to have a successful engagement session no matter  how hot the weather.


Steph and Dennis

It was 86 degrees and probably 90% humidity. But Stephanie and Dennis were ready to roll. Having a busy schedule, this was the one day that they both could make it for a country-style photo session. Not the best weather day, although it wasn’t raining! 🙂

They braved the gnats, and sticker bushes and short hikes to beautiful spots, and we created romantic, fun, beautiful images for their save the date cards, prints and to share on social media.  So here are a few easy tips to help you “survive” a hot summer day session.

1. Try to schedule your session before the main heat of the day, early morning is best, but if you can’t do early, do shady.  I always pose clients in the shady areas, out of the intensity of the sun. And then use reflected natural light or a portable light kit to light them, yet keep them as comfortable as possible. So discuss your location options and pick the shade.

2. If you can, hire a professional hair and makeup artist to work with both prior to the session. They will know how to apply makeup that won’t melt or streak and give your hair the staying power it needs. If you don’t have the budget for that, think about fixing your hair in a style that doesn’t require a full-bodied look or a non-curly look, depending on your hair. Think about putting it up or have fun with hats.

3. Bring water!!! A session is anywhere from 1-1.5 hours, depending on location and outfit changes and you start to get tired and thirsty. A cold bottle of water really helps.

4. Bring bug spray. Gnats are the worst!! I usually bring a bottle with me, but if you strategically use bug spray prior to the session , especially around the areas of your face, you’ll be nearly bug free.

5. I recommend that you wear long pants. Especially if f your session is in a rustic, natural area, wearing long pants protects you from scratchy plants and bugs. It’s tempting to wear shorts, because it’s hot, but pants generally work better.

6.If you’re not wearing shoes that you can walk comfortably in, bring a pair of “walking shoes” and then just switch in to your cute  “photo” shoes when the photos are being taken.

But the Most Important Thing to bring to your session is an attitude of adventure and fun!

     Dennis wore shorts, Stephanie wore wedges with an open toe. Didn’t bring water or bug spray, I did. 🙂  Stephanie did have professional hair and makeup, which lasted until the end.

The most amazing thing about them was that neither one hesitated to snuggle up in the grasses or hike to the “good spots” or bat a few gnats away to make emotive, fun loving images together.  They had a totally successful session.

Sure, you can do a studio session and avoid any of this preparation. But where’s the fun in that! Pick a lovely location, be prepared and get images that rock!!

   Thank you Dennis and Stephanie, for a fun engagement session on a hot spring day. You did great! And your images show it!

     Looking forward to your 2016 spring wedding. xxoo